Mengapa Kami

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In this market, we totally understand that a smart buyer like you will for sure shop around looking for the best price, best deal and best product brands that suits your requirement. Well, most of the time the lowest price is not necessary the best deal. Here are “five” good reasons for choosing us and how we are different from others.

1. Our solution
We save you the trouble to deal with multiple vendors for consultation, pricing, sourcing, delivery and training. We integrate our equipments according to your requirement. You do not need to worry about any compatibility issues. We strive to become a complete solution from a single supplier.

2. Our service
We save you all the hassle of calling multiple suppliers to resolve problem at site. When you purchase all equipments in the same project with SOYAL, you are able to get full technical support, documentation, waranty and repairing service from single contact point.

3. Our product
We optimize our design to achieve the right balance on price, feature and quality to meet latest market trend demand. Our product simplified design make it easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain and lower spare part cost.

4. Our price
We monitor the market closely to offer you competitive price without compromising quality.

5. Our credibility
We have been around in the security industry since 1998. Our products have been installed all over the world with proven success. We have more than 20 years of technical experiences to select, design, manufacture and support our products. SOYAL is a well established company with rock solid credibility.